Hints and Tips

There are many ways to give yourself great odds of securing your new position. We know how much conflicting advice there is out there so below are some simple hints and tips to help you get started.

Writing your CV

You’ll find many articles and blogs on the internet about how to write a great CV and there are various templates free to download if you are starting from scratch. The following tips should help you to keep on track.


Preparing for the interview

Re-read the job advert

Make sure you are clear on what skills the job requires, and what the day-to-day responsibilities will be like. This will help you to anticipate what questions you could be asked in interview and plan questions you want to ask us.

Do your research thoroughly

We always like it when people do their research and discover more about Lucite International. It shows us that you’re passionate about what we do.

Prepare some examples of what you’ve done before

At Lucite International we interview on behaviours as well as skills. Think of some examples from your experience so far that you can use to demonstrate your fit to the Lucite Values. If you don’t have any work experience yet, that’s ok – you’ve still had experiences. Personal or education-related examples can always be used in interviews if don’t have a professional example you can relate.

During the interview

Keep your answers structured

It’s easy to let nerves get the better of you during an interview, so don’t be afraid to ask for a minute to think about your answer and collect your thoughts.

Use your previous examples

Use the examples from your preparation of specific situations and the skills you demonstrated.

Clarify anything you are unsure of

If you are not certain what is meant by a particular question, ask for clarification. You can’t answer a question well if you’re not sure what it means!

Ask us questions

you are also interviewing us to be sure we are the right company for you so ask the interviewers questions – whether it’s the culture, the team you’ll be working in, or training and development opportunities.

The most important thing is to be yourself.