Working closer together

Together we’ll shape a closer, more connected business

Our diversity is a source of strength as we reach across the globe, brightening lives and futures. By working together, respecting one another, embracing our differences, sharing ideas and knowledge, we are stronger, more innovative and better able to deliver our promises to our customers, partners, communities and the wider world.

We are a big Company with big ideas and global opportunities. Acting together, forming alliances with our customers and friendships with people in different roles, with different cultures will help us to be a better business. A closer and more open business that encourages new ways of thinking and new ways of solving the challenges we all face.

A global opportunity

Talking of big ideas translated into reality by our connected people, the delivery of our Alpha technology plants spring immediately to mind.

Over the past 15 years, Lucite International has developed Alpha technology, a new, patented route to MMA based on readily available raw materials: ethylene, methanol and carbon monoxide.

The technology is the result of extensive and novel research into catalysis and new processes by our own scientists and engineers and has achieved award winning recognition:

Alpha is a brilliant example of how we can work safely across geographic, cultural and organizational boundaries to deliver transformational technology that can make a real difference to our world. Building on our track record of success, we will continue to develop energy efficiency, yield and output improvements, which will be incorporated into future Alpha plants.