The KAITEKI Spirit

Together we’re shaping a sustainable, balanced business

That’s KAITEKI – a Japanese word that encapsulates the Mitsubishi Chemical group philosophy to use science and innovation to create and nurture a society in which quality of life improves for all in a sustainable way. It’s a powerful concept that asks us all to work in a way that we balance the needs of our precious planet, our communities and our people.

It’s at the very heart of why we are in business and everyone within the Lucite International business plays a role and understands that every decision we make, big or small has consequences. We all contribute to conserving resources and improving the quality of life – that is the KAITEKI way.

We’re shaping a safer future

We have a responsibility to ourselves, our environment and to everyone in our community. Zero injuries is our goal and we have one of the best safety records in the chemical sector. Ensuring that everyone goes home safely and in good health every day, is our constant priority.
We are also working on developing our processes to help us to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to the protection of society and our planet.

We’re shaping happier lives and communities

Lucite International makes a difference to the local community wherever it operates. Whether we’re helping to paint a community centre, volunteering for good causes or helping to brighten lives, we give our time and skills in many ways. This is important to us because happier communities make for healthier and happier lives. We want to give something back, be good neighbours and show that we care.