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R&D and Labs

Shaping the future as a Lucite International scientist

It takes smart people with a passion for discovery to develop and innovate our products and processes so we’re looking for inventors that can make a real contribution to the future.

Whether it’s in a laboratory, on a plant or out in the field partnering with one of our customers, as a Lucite International scientist you’ll be embarking on an exciting voyage of discovery within one of the world’s leading chemical manufacturing groups.

The type of person we are looking for

We look for technically creative people who strive to innovate whilst still appreciating the importance of safety and quality. We work in an open and transparent environment, so you’ll be someone who appreciates respect and integrity both in the way you are treated and the way you work with others. Having commercial insight and the willingness to work flexibly across functions, businesses and geographic boundaries will also come naturally to you.