The application process

There are many different ways to join Lucite International; as a student internship, a graduate, an experienced professional. As such there are many different ways to assess people – we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We do keep the application process consistent by position to ensure everyone is assessed equally, but we use different tools and methods for different positions. That’s because the application and interview process is an important moment for you – and for us. We want to offer you the best opportunity to show that you have the attributes and aspirations we’re looking for.

We’ve outlined the main steps of the process below, so you know what to expect:

Not all interviews and jobs fit neatly into one process so at time we might include other activities and tools such as online numerical and verbal reasoning tests, or additional interview stages.

Remember that throughout the application and interview process, you will have the opportunity to meet lots of our people, so this is also your chance to ask any questions about us. Two-way communication starts from day one, so ask away!

Special Requirements

If you need to let us know about any adjustments to the recruitment process that you will require, or if you need any technical support during the process, please email the HR team at [email protected]. If you would prefer to speak to someone in HR, please call the relevant site reception. Any conversations we have with you about any adjustments you may need will be treated with confidentiality.