Working for Lucite International

Jonathan Moore

Plant Area Operations Manager

Q. What is your role at Lucite International?

A. I’m one of the plant area operations managers the Cassel site in the North East of England.

Q. How long have you been at Lucite International?

A. I’ve worked here for 9 years. I started off as a graduate process engineer, and have held various different roles before moving into this role 2 years ago.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your role?

A. I enjoy the challenge of the responsibility the role brings and the opportunities to work with a wide cross-sectional area of people. The variety of the job really interests me and no day is the same.

Q. How would you describe the work environment and Company culture?

I’ve always found it very open and welcoming. There’s very much an open door policy here , and you can really tap into the knowledge and experience of a wide range of people for various different levels throughout the organisation.

Q. What has your training and development been like?

A. At Cassel I’ve had a wide range of opportunities while I’ve been here. I’ve had the chance to travel abroad and also had opportunities for training and development. I have been on the leadership development skills program which is really good for developing the soft skills. I’ve had training from a technical aspect and also opportunities to take on extra responsibilities, sort of line management. Really for me I’ve always seen opportunities to progress within in the company and I certainly believe that will always continue.