Chemical Engineer- Technology

Closing Date: 31/08/2019

Location: Beaumont, Texas, USA

Company: Lucite International

Career Level: Professional

Vacancy Type: Permanent

Functional Area: Engineering

Salary: Competitive

About the Role

To identify and champion the development of step change technology improvements aligning with and influencing the Regional Business Strategy. To develop, document and promulgate technology standards and knowledge ensuring the technologies are well understood and implemented as intended.

Principal Accountabilities

Lead the development of and take ownership for strategies that deliver the technical objectives of the Business Strategy. These strategic plans are expected to make step change improvements in the manufacturing performance of the Lucite plants in North America. Network with global technology partners to ensure best practices are known and implemented.

Develop, document and retain expert knowledge in the HCN-based methacrylate manufacturing technology as applied in Lucite’s plants in North America, Europe, and Asia. Establish connections to Alpha technology and commercialization groups. Serve as the Technical Authority for the plants to ensure the technology is implemented as intended. This accountability includes development and deployment of corporate standards (such as process safety cardinal rules, HCN code of practice, etc.).

Identify opportunities for developing and extending the technology in order to ensure that Lucite improves its competitive position in keeping with Lucite’s business strategy and values. Document these and take ownership for the Plant Technology Plans.
Provide technology evaluation, chemical process engineering design, and technical management for new build or significant capital investment in the region.
Mentor and provide training to plant based technical staff to ensure appropriate technology understanding and engineering methodologies are in place throughout manufacturing.

Knowledge / Skills / Experience

The job holder will be an experienced chemical engineer with at least 15 years technical and operational experience, including cyanide experience or other relevant, high hazard chemistries. The job holder will be expected to remain in the job for 5-10 years in order to provide a foundation of technology for Lucite’s business.
The job holder is expected to lead complex technical problem solving with expert-level proficiency using multi-variate statistical tools and methodologies such as Six Sigma.
The job holder must be able to apply chemical engineering principles and tools, including process modeling software, to the evaluation/optimization of existing and design of new facilities.
The job holder must be able to operate on a regional and potentially international basis working in existing assets and on potential investments including business partnerships and joint venture opportunities.
The job holder must maintain an excellent network of contacts in Lucite’s manufacturing and technical communities.

The Company

Lucite International has a strong heritage of delivering excellence in the design, development and manufacture of some of the world’s best known acrylic products. With a heritage from DuPont and ICI, Lucite has been a leader in the application and development of acrylic technologies. The acquisition of Lucite International by Mitsubishi Rayon in 2009 further strengthened this position and established the combined companies as the global market leader in the manufacture and sales of acrylic monomers. Further integration of the Mitsubishi companies (Mitsubishi Rayon, Mitsubishi Plastics, and Mitsubishi Chemical) in 2017 created the new Mitsubishi Chemical Company (MCC) and firmly established the acrylic monomer business domain as the continued global leader in acrylic monomer, now backed by the strength of the 5th largest chemical company in the world. Mitsubishi Chemical is the only producer that utilizes all three technical routes to acrylic monomer and the only producer utilizing C2 technology as a commercial option for MMA production. As a result, Mitsubishi Chemical is not only the largest but also the most technically advantaged acrylic monomer producer in the world.

Lucite International Inc. operates as the Americas Division of Mitsubishi Chemicals’ acrylic monomer business, one of ten business domains crossing a diverse portfolio of businesses within the company. As the global leader, we manufacture and supply acrylic monomers that serve a broad base of downstream applications ranging from architectural and automotive coatings, to adhesives, to various acrylic sheet applications and specialty moldings. Our products have many applications and are found in many popular name brands of paints, adhesives, bath and spa products, and beyond.

Lucite International is also one of over twenty Mitsubishi Chemical businesses within the Americas region that span the ten global business domains within the region. As a result, careers within Lucite/MCC are not just limited to the global acrylic monomer business domain but open to a wide range of the opportunities in the region and beyond that one would expect from a large global company.

Mitsubishi Chemical is fully committed to providing solutions to the issues facing people, society, and the planet. All business strategies within the company converge on one point – to contribute to sustained worldwide development and realize what we call KAITEKI. This simple Japanese word encapsulates our Mitsubishi group philosophy to use science and innovation to create and nurture a society where quality of life improves for all in a sustainable way. It is at the very heart of why we are in business. We will continue to provide solutions for the issues of society consistent with the aims of the international communities. We will continue to promote initiatives aimed at improving sustainability such as the promotion of energy conservation, the promotion of renewable energy use, and expansion of product lines and technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As such, we have been selected as a member of the global Dow Jones Sustainability World Index as recognition of our beliefs, focus, and effort.

Our Culture

Our vision at Lucite International is to be “The undisputed leader in methacrylates as seen in the eyes of our customers, shareholders, employees, and communities”

This statement is simple yet powerful. We want to be seen as the leader in all that we do, as measured by four groups of discriminating stakeholders who share similar priorities but view our performance through different lenses.

By aggressively pursuing the ever-rising expectations of each of these we can be satisfied that we are aligned with our corporate vision to realize KAITEKI.

An example is the priority investment to build a new world scale C2 based state-of-the-art MMA plant. This project effort has recently begun that will not only enhance our ability to serve the market but will also advance our sustainability efforts through the reduced emissions, reduced energy consumption, and by using certain bio-based feedstocks.

Our Values

Finally, our values are equally important to us. We believe that by being open, honest, and supportive of each other and by working together to empower and bring out the best in each other, we will achieve our vision. We thrive together in a culture of performance, creativity, and innovation to constantly challenge the status quo and to take us to new heights. We are passionate about what we do, and we fully embrace KAITEKI.

How to apply

Lucite International is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to treating people with respect and acting with integrity.

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